Guitar Review: Music Man Axis Guitar


This week’s review brings me to my all time favorite guitar… the legendary Music Man Axis guitar.

The Music Man Axis is made of hand selected Basswood and maple. The Music Man body is basswood with a book matched maple top giving it an elegant look. The bolt on type neck is set with 5 bolts attaching it securely to the body. The joint is sculpted and the neck plate is flush mounted to allow smooth access to the highest frets.

The Axis comes standard with 22 frets perfectly mounted to give the player amazing control and action. It comes with a single volume and tone knob for easy on the fly setting adjustments. The Axis has a 3-way toggle switch combining three very specific tone settings allowing all the thick fat tone you will ever need. It is fitted with M6LA tuners with pearl buttons.

The Floyd Rose locking tremolo will keep you rocking day in and day out. One unique feature about this amazing guitar is the 10” fretbored radius giving the player ultimate playability and grip. The Axis is a 25-1/2” scale with a 1-5/8” width nut giving it a sleek feel from top to bottom. Like all Axis models, the guitar is fitted with two DiMarzio custom humbuckers that will melt every face in the front row. They are perfectly matched to the single volume-tone pot, giving it exceptional frequency range. The Music Man Axis comes with a hard-shell case to keep this baby safe from those accidental scratches and dings from touring or jamming.

My over all opinion of this magnificent guitar is GET ONE TODAY! This is a simple yet brilliant guitar that is as versatile as any other guitar ever made. With its warm mid-tones and bright highs, the Music Man Axis guitar will help you to make your music sing like it’s never sang before. Might I also add the Axis does not sound like any other guitar I have ever played. It has a unique range that I can point out with quickness.

This will be the finest guitar you will ever own. For all you naysayer’s that might think I am crazy for saying this, keep in mind that I own well more than a dozen guitars of various makes and models. I would still pick the Axis over all of the others any day of the week. It suits my every need perfectly. Try one out for yourself, you will not be disappointed. That’s my rant for the week, until next time… keep shredding!

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