Guitar Review: Ibanez SR506 Bass


This week’s review brings me to the deeper side of the guitar, and by deep I mean the low rumple of the bass. From time to time I do put down my face melter and pick up a bass guitar for those nights when you just have to groove your rocks off.

The Ibanez SR506 Bass is an incredibly well-crafted and equipped bass for its price. It features a slim, fast SR6 5-piece neck on an unfinished sculpted mahogany body. The rosewood fretboard is fitted with 24 medium frets for less strain on the finger tips. The neck is super fast and very thin to boot, making it very easy to float around.

The SR506 comes with oval abalone markers for easy line of sight on your frets. This bass is equipped with a B106 bridge giving it superb action and no fret buzz what so ever. The SR 506 is housed with two Bartonlini MK1-6 pickups that integrate perfectly with its active Bartolini MK1 3-band EQ. Not to mention that it has sleek black hardware that compliments the style and appearance very well. It’s a bass that will excel in any style of music. The sheer versatility of this instrument is amazing and with its 6-string set up there is nothing you can’t accomplish on this monster.

My over all opinion of this fine piece of musical genius is just that! It’s a musical work of art that will sooth your wildest oats yet pound out some serious tone. Whether you are keeping a simple beat or walking your bass line, this is the bass that will make other basses pack up and lock themselves in the closet!

The SR506 is set up exceptionally well for slap bass style such the famous Les Claypool method. However it can hang with even the most aggressive of musical styles proving that it has no limitations. So whether you are a metal head, jazz master or blues man, the SR506 should definitely be the bass in your case. For its small price tag of just under $550.00 this is a steel! It should be outright illegal to sell the SR506 for that amount. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a versatile bass that can do it all.

Till next week, keep shredding.

  • Dan (@DaedalusT)

    I almost bought one of these, used…but I did my research and found out it was at least partly fake! One of my local stores’ consignment shop had a 6-string bass with a Ibanez headstock and that said SR506 on the tag, and it was supposed to come with a hardshell case for $280. Talk about a steal! But there was something off about it–the pickups were not Bartolini, and it did not have the 3 band EQ. (I don’t know what pickups it did have, but it only had 1 volume and 1 tone knob.) The finish was also wrong…it was glossy black, but I haven’t seen anywhere online that suggests they sell these things in any other finish than natural.

    I didn’t actually get to play it, but I eventually decided that I should pass on it altogether since it was hard to tell anything else about its quality if it was mislabeled.

  • Excellent review, glad to see someone doing stuff for the low end.

  • kefty bass

    To whom it may concern,
    Am a lover of music i play bass guitar, i love this bass, i borrow this very type from a friend sin then i av been looking forward to get one of this very type for the praise of my God. sincerely am i love with that bass. and i don’t know how you can help me pay install mentally. i will a appreciate if you can do just that for me

    olutukasi isaac o.
    stage name (kefty)

    • hey bro, I’ll help you buy a bass if you help me buy a guitar, fair trade ;P

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