Guitar Review: ESP LTD M-10 Guitar Pack

This week’s review brings me to a different type of review. For this week’s review I thought I’d look at a few different guitar starter packs. I went out and tried all the basic starter kits that contain everything you need to get you on your way to becoming a guitar god. After much deliberation and rigorous testing, I found that the best bang for the buck was the ESP LTD M-10 guitar pack.

I ran the gambit with all the packs I could get my hands on and tested them in the following categories: value, components, construction, tone and out of the box playability. I didn’t pay too much attention to the accessories, as almost all guitar pack come with a guitar, tuner, strap, picks, strings, amp and a case.

My biggest issue with guitar packs these days is that right out of the box it’s hard to find a guitar that stays in tune and also feels good. Most of the guitar packs from when I was a kid had horrendous action (string height) and never stayed in tune. So with this in mind I wanted to see if the quality of today’s “beginner guitar” are better made.

I found that of the 10 guitar packs which I tested, the only one that really caught my attention was the ESP LTD M-10 guitar pack. A budget-friendly guitar set up that not only felt great out of the box but scored an 8 on my “stay in tune” scale. I am pretty brutal on guitar strings so a beginner guitar scoring this high is a definite milestone for this price range.

Designed for beginning players or musicians on tight budgets, the M-10 Guitar Pack includes everything a player needs to make amazing music including: a guitar, an amplifier, and a comprehensive set of accessories. With the M-10 pack priced at $229.00 this is a definite steel. The M-10 Guitar is a budget-oriented version of ESP’s well-known M Series guitars made popular by artists like Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Jeff Hanneman (Slayer), and George Lynch (Dokken).

The M-10’s construction is above average, even though it’s a mass produced production model. It’s a little heavier than the custom shop ESP M series however it is also $3000 cheaper. With its beginner set up, the M-10 is easy to maintain for any guitarist no matter what level of skill due to its simplicity.

The M-10 pickups are what you would expect from a guitar of this price range. The tone of the M-10 is definitely more beefy sounding than other standard humbucker pickups, but you can get some decent clean and distorted sounds from them. The string action was far superior to that of any guitar starter kit I played. The M-10 guitar neck was smooth do to its jumbo frets and rosewood fretboard giving the player easy access to all the frets even in the dreaded “F major bar chord” area.

All in all I would recommend this pack to anyone who is looking to pick up an axe and get your rock star status moving. Great price and it comes with everything you need to jam out of the box… oh and it looks FIERCE too. The ESP LTD M-10 is an A+ in my book, so if you are looking to buy a starter kit, try the M-10, you wont be disappointed.

Till next week, thanks for reading and keep shredding!

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