NAMM 2012: Guitar Instruction Product Reviews

Being a guitar instructor, I’m always on the look out for innovative new ways to get my students to progress to the next level faster. This is a difficult screening process as many guitar courses and guitar learning tools on the market are simply put out to make a quick buck and deliver little or no actual results.

Every now and then though, I’ll come across a product that deserves recognition that I’ll strongly recommend to my students. I came across two such products this year at the Winter NAMM show.

Raw Talent Guitar

Raw Talent Guitar are the makers of an innovative new software that makes learning guitar from home interactive and easy. Video lessons are coupled with jam-along exercises that allows you to plug your guitar directly into your computer as you play along to the music in front of you, then grades you based on the accuracy of your playing.

 Shaun from Raw Talent Guitar demonstrates this innovative new product at The NAMM Show 2012

Manufacturers Website:


I’ve never before endorsed a finger strengthening product for guitarists, as many such gripping devices fail to develop the finger muscle coordination and dexterity required for agile guitar playing. If anything, most such products can be dangerous, encourage counter-productive muscle tension, and even put you at the risk of repetitive motion injuries like tendinitis. So it had always been my philosophy that if you want to get good at guitar, there’s only one way to do it, and that, of course, is to just play the guitar.

The RiffBANDZ Training System changed my whole way of thinking on that. Unlike other products that strengthen your grip, RiffBANDZ is a uniquely-designed resistance device that helps you develop both speed and dexterity. It consists of a string of four rubberized rings, one for each of your fretting fingers and you actually wear the band while playing. Practicing with it for just a few minutes each day is enough to propel your progress forward faster than traditional scale training methods. As an added bonus, the product comes with a membership to the RiffBANDZ website, where you can learn from dozens of online video training tutorials.

Manufacturers Website:

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