Five More Female Guitarists Who Just ROCK!

This week’s article is a continuation of last weeks list of Five Female Guitarists Who Just ROCK! I decided to list another five great female guitarist.  There are so many others besides the ten guitarist I have listed, but I felt that these ladies need to be recognized for sure.


Photo of Bibi McGill in action

Bibi McGill is currently Beyonce Knowles’s guitarist on her 2009 tour. This woman has amazing tone, stage presence and licks! She has learned a little of each style, but you definitely hear the rock and metal influence in her playing. Bibi has toured with a variety of artists and played on shows such as SNL and Jay Leno. She truly shreds on the axe, so be sure to check out a video of her playing!

Lita Ford who is a guitarist for one of the first all girl rock bands, The Runaways. Although later on Lita was mostly known for her voice, she is a really good guitar player. She plays some really great rhythmic stuff and can lay down some seriously killer licks as well. I think Lita has a lot of style and feel to her playing. It’s cool because she came around at a time where women playing guitar was almost unheard of.

Chrissy Hynde of The Pretenders and Joan Jett of Joan Jett And The Blackhearts are the next ladies of guitar I’d like to mention. I put these two in the same paragraph because they have very similar situations. Both of these women were singers and players at the same time. While both mainly play rhythm guitar, it is still a very important part of playing. These two use guitar to back up their voices and that in itself is very hard to do. I’m going to give these two woman a whole lot of credit because both of their bands are popular rock bands and it’s largely due to their contributions.

Mimi Fox is a very well recognized jazz guitarist.  She has released 8 highly acclaimed albums, and the two most recent ones were on Steve Vai’s Favored Nations Label. Mimi is head of the guitar program at the jazz school in Berkely and Adjunct Professor at New York University. This woman is highly accredited in the jazz world and is an amazing guitarist.
To sum it up, all of these women express themselves through guitar in their own unique way, and each has their own signature sound. I hope you enjoy learning about these amazing female guitarist as much as I do. I look forward to many more women becoming a part of the guitar world!

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  • Bob Raymond

    Emily Remler Jazz Player, very good,

  • steve messenger

    What about Rory Block? She plays KILLER country blues and has won five W. C. Handy Awards, two for “Traditional Blues Female Artist” (1997, 1998) and three for “Acoustic Blues Album of the Year” (1996, 1999, 2007).

  • Joseph Seely

    And where does Rory Block come in???

  • steve b

    i’m with bob on this Emily Remler for the short time she was about was a really cool player. Such a shame not to know where she’d have taken us with it..

  • Desiree Basset!!! SHE KICKS ASS!!!!!!!!!

  • BiBi is a great player….if you saw her live or in person you would know 🙂
    Being a female guitarist is not always easy we get judged more often sometimes even before we play a note. When I first started I used to use the name Chris just so I could get a chance at an audition with a major artist…. now everyone wants the token female player or are female players finally getting noticed for their skills? Who knows its just nice to see more girls playing guitar.

  • Sara Correia

    I love Bibi, she is awesome, being a female guitarist isn’t easy and I know that because i’m judge every day because of that, it’s really hard people still think than the guitar is junt for man

  • Malcolm Haddon

    Check out my Facebook page, I have some really good female guitarists as friends on there. But how about Laura Wilde, currently touring with Ted Nugent, Nikki Stringfield, who recently did some shows with The Iron Maidens and is a member of the band Before The Mourning? As well as great Female guitarists like the late Kelly Johnson from Girlschool, or Nancy Wilson from Heart.

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