Five Great Ways to Display Your Guitars


A guitar is not only a musical instrument. Sure, it is capable of filling rhythm, lead and harmony bliss. And once you figure out how to jam on a cool riff, there is something that bonds you to the playability of the wood, strings, metal and paint. If all of the fun one could obtain from a guitar ended right there, that would be okay. But the guitar god’s were very kind to us and they did not stop there. Guitars in all of their various models, shapes and designs are also a work of art.

First a guitar has to be conceived. Someone thinks it up! They draw a sketch and after several revisions, they come up with a final design. The design must be built into a prototype. Wood must be selected, and crafted into shape. Routing, sanding, wiring, painting and after so much labor the guitar is born. The process has been repeated many many times. So many of these times, something truly spectacular has been born. For you it might be a Goldtop Gibson Les Paul Standard or a Vintage Sunburst Fender Stratocaster might be your cup of tea. Maybe you’d prefer an acoustic guitar like a Martin D35 or a 1962 Gibson Hummingbird. Some players get weak by the Fireglo Rickenbacker 330 12-string or the Gretch Country Gentleman. The list goes on and on. The point is, guitars are works of art that should be played and displayed. People who recognize great art enjoy displaying them. If you were the owner of a Picasso you wouldn’t store it in the closet after admiring it throughout the week would you? So here are a few ways to show off that axe for your own enjoyment or to show it off to your friends and family.


1. Guitar wall mounts – There are several types of wall mounts to chose from such as the String Swing and even the Apex Guitar Wall Hanger with Picture Frame!  It is easy, inexpensive and a really cool way to display your guitars. Access to the guitar is quick and it is also one of the best ways to treat your guitar as the balance and weight is distributed to protect that guitar for years of enjoyment. shows the steps involved to install a guitar wall mount, check it out here.


2. Guitar stands – Guitar stands are an easy way to go. They are practical, inexpensive and they are very portable so you can take them to gigs or move them around the house. The nice thing about a guitar stand is it makes it possible to grab the guitar on the fly and offers up protection against damage. I have tried several guitar stands over the years. From the cheapest to the more expensive and although there are so many to chose from, the Hercules product line is my personal favorite.


3. Guitar display cases – If you want to crank it up a bit and treat that guitar like a museum piece, then the guitar display case might be just the way to go. Several companies offer products that essentially frame your guitar for mounting on a wall. Some are large shadow cases that include built in lighting and others are more like a picture frame. Check out Playola Cases to get a good idea of what is available.


4. Guitar display cabinets – Another way to show-off that guitar collection in a way that will really impress is a guitar display cabinet. The only down-side here is that your guitars might not be as easily accessible as other options but you can still grab them when you need ’em. Access N Sight has a great selection to check out if you are in the market.


5. Guitar rack – For those who are interested in a more utilitarian method of guitar display, check out guitar racks. These offer the ability to store several guitars togther (side-by-side)  in a safe, efficient and easily accessible manner.   Some look very simple and other types are more stylized. Check out Guitar Storage for more info and options.

So as you can see, there are many ways to display your guitar, but just remember to treat her right and she will return the favor!

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