Finding the Time to Practice Your Guitar

Photo by iBjorn

Manage Your Free Time

You are a young guitar student. You have a guitar, a teacher, and a date set for lessons. However, one thing has seemed to escape your thoughts… creating your guitar practice schedule. When should you practice? Between work, school, friends, and family… where is the time to practice? Thank goodness that with just a little planning and time management, you will have enough time to practice and enough time for all of your other tasks.

Cut Out The Clutter

The first step is to find out what’s cluttering your time. Sadly, you can’t cut out school. However, there are other factors which come into play (these include your friends, family, and down time). Once you identify all of these factors then you can start rearranging your schedule to incorporate it. Try reducing friend time by about thirty minutes or so and reduce time with family by the same or more and then you have at least an hour to practice. This doesn’t have to be a daily occurrence. However if you wish, you may put in practice time daily. It also may be helpful to form a five day schedule during the week, leaving the weekend free, or you can make a schedule incorporating every other day. Choose whatever form of practice schedule it is, as long as it makes you feel comfortable and works within your lifestyle. One thing that may offer a slight hindrance to your practice flow is a work schedule. If so, try your best to make a practice schedule work around the job.

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