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A Better Way to Master the F Barre Chord

A Better Way to Master the F Barre Chord

As a newbie on the guitar, one of the hardest and most frustrating chords you’ll encounter is the F barre. It’s nothing like other beginner chords such as A or G or E. Instead, you’ve gotta contort your fingers into an awkward position that strains your hand and wrist. Even when you get it “right” […]

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Don’t Let Burnout Stop You From Playing The Guitar

Ninety out of 100 people will quit playing the guitar in their first year and one of the reasons for this is the loss of engagement or motivation. If you used to have a burning desire to learn the guitar but can barely pick up the instrument now, there’s a chance that you’re experiencing musical burnout. Don’t […]

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Teenager girl guitar play sitting on a floor. Blue background. Country style.

Practicing The Guitar And Self Improvement

We’re all here for a love of music, and nothing beats spending hours practicing the guitar, fiddling with gear, and toying with the tone of our beloved instruments. As much as we love to follow our passions, it’s good to take the time to stop and appreciate how such a fulfilling hobby can enrich our […]

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You are Never Too Old to Learn How to Play the Guitar

One of the greatest guitar players of all times, the late Jimi Hendrix, once said: “Sometimes you want to give up the guitar, you’ll hate the guitar. But if you stick with it, you’re gonna be rewarded.” Contrary to what may be popular belief, you are never too old to learn to play the guitar. In […]

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How Hendrix Got His Tone

If you’re a Hendrix fan, beyond learning to play his licks and improvising in his style, you might wonder about the role equipment took in achieving his signature sound. It’s pretty obvious that he used fuzz and wah pedals. But which models were they? And what about his amps? Well, here we’re going to take […]

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