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Digital Modeling Amplifiers for Beginner Musicians

In today’s performance culture, guitar sales have increased over the last five consecutive years. Along with each of the guitars is the need for an amplifier, with the primary three choices being digital modeling, tube, and solid-state amps. It can be difficult to know where to start, especially with music gear so customizable and niche that […]

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Guitar Amp Modifications For The Perfect Rig Setup

Just a few short years ago, music news headlines were emblazoned with the “Rock is Dead” slogan as music instruments and gear sales took a knock. Recent research reveals, however, that the music amp market is slowly making its way back and an anticipated value of around $490 million is expected by the year 2023. But what […]

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Transforming Your Live Shows by Merging Art & Music

There is no denying that, although the US music industry is booming, it is also oversaturated with countless artists trying to establish themselves in a cut-throat field.  Setting yourself apart from other musicians in a country where consumers spent in excess of $8.72 billion on music in 2017 is pivotal. There are a number of ways you […]

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D&A’s New Triple Threat – The HYDRA Guitar Stand

The HYDRA is one of only a few known attempts at making a full-size floor standing triple guitar stand, and currently the only one I know of that actually works!

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D&A Guitar Gear – Ice & Gig Stand review

One thing many guitarists find is when it’s time to get up and go gig, it’s plain time to go. How many times have you, as a guitarist / bassist, got to rehearsal, or a gig, or a recording session and had no place to rest your instrument…. Your expensive, delicate, precious instrument? … Many […]

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