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Exclusive ad policy: Share My Guitar only sells four (4) ad’s each month, in the right sidebar and one ad located in the header. The size of these exclusive ad’s are 125×125 and 468×60 pixels. The sidebar ad spots rotate through all four positions, so each ad spot will get top billing 50% of the time.

Share My Guitar is viewed by thousands of web surfers, subscribers and community members every month. SMG readers are trying to learn all they can about guitar and would be open to opportunities from advertisers to do just that. As a result, advertisers can reach a large, motivated audience very quickly and effectively. Ads cost ONLY $100 per month for the sidebar and $250 per month for the header (prices subject to change).

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Some things to note:

  1. Sidebar sds sold are 125×125 banners only. Only four ad’s are sold each month.
  2. Header ads are 468×60 banners only. Only one ad is sold each month.
  3. Advertisers will be carefully screened. Only products and services that meet the high standards of SMG will be accepted. No payday loans, pornography ads, or anything shady will be accepted.
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