Abby’s Featured Guitar Of The Month: Framus Camarillo

SMG_Framus_ Camarillo

Ok, so I was lucky enough to discover Framus Guitars while I was attending Musicians Institute. One of the teachers there played one and I loved the tone, the shape, the fret board, and basically everything about it. I was so curious about these guitars that I had to try one for myself.

I had to search for quite a while to find one that I could actually play since barely any guitar stores carry them. I finally found a place in Tucson, Arizona where I got to sit down and play one. If you love a heavy, rich, chunky sound, then these guitars are perfect for you!

Framus is a German brand (so you know it’s well built, hehe) and you can definitely feel difference in quality and sound compared to other guitars. This particular model Camarillo has a swamp ash body, bolt on rose wood neck, ebony fret board, original Seymour Duncan pickups, SH-1 (neck), SH-4 (bridge), and is just amazing all around.

One of the guitarists from Lamb Of God actually plays this exact model, and you can really hear the rich tone. I love finding guitars and amps that don’t sound like everything else out there. This guitar is uniqe and so are all the other Framus models. If you want to try something different and outside of the box, then check out their website: or

So in my opinion, as far as rock and metal go, this guitar is it! Let me know what you all think!!!

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