A Movie For Us: It Might get Loud

Guest Post by Max Pheiffer

While I remain blissfully unaware of any copyright laws and such regarding what I may and may not mention in this article, I am sure that as long as its relatively positive, the lawyers will be kept at bay. And on that note, I will now bring to your attention a movie for us – for the guitar players of the world. While the relatively meager attempts at making a movie that musicians will enjoy (School of Rock doesn’t count) usually fall to the wayside, I think that perhaps they may have finally done it. And it premiered in Canada. Leave it to Toronto to do what Hollywood can’t. God bless the Maple Leaf.


The movie I am referring to is called It Might Get Loud. Ahh, even the title appeals to the guitar player in all of us. They sure do know how to market. Anyway, the movie is a documentary (stay with me), but this is no ordinary documentary. No, no. It’s got Jimmy Page in it (need I say more?). Accompanying him are two other guitarists from different genres and eras, three living legends, if you will. The second guitar player comes from a little band, you may have heard of it, called U2. That would be The Edge (if that is his real name). And last but certainly not least, for the third guitarist we get to watch, your pal and mine, Jack White of the White Stripes and the Raconteurs. Aren’t you glad you kept reading after you found out it was a documentary?

Personally, I think letting these guys jam for two hours while filming would make one hell of a documentary, but no. The filmmakers took it a step further. Basically, from what I gather from the universally available and utterly reliable database Wikipedia (amongst other websites), it is the coming together of three generations of guitar legends and musical icons. It spans the course of one day, in which they discuss their passion for the instrument, the reason behind their drive to play, and what they desire for their music.

Ok, so, I know your out of breath, but there’s more. Not only do we get to watch them jam together and all that good stuff, but we get to hear more original music. Yes, you read that correctly. We get to hear original music from Jimmy Page, films from a U2 recording session, and previously unreleased tunes from Jack White. Its like Christmas in August.

This idea speaks for itself. Yes, I know that this is a guitar website. And yes, I know you did not click on here for a movie review (come to think of it, this isn’t even really a review. I would categorize it as “Loud, Drunken Excitement”.). But come on, this is pretty damn cool. I think we can take a break from guitar blogs and all go sit and enjoy some world class, musical geniuses jamming and shooting the shit. I will be sleeping outside the theater for tickets the night before it comes out. I hope to see you there.

Here is a link to the trailer. Don’t worry, it’s approved for “Appropriate Audiences”, which I guess means us.


Yeah. I know.

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