A Day in the Life of the 4 Amigos Guitar Show!

In one word, awesome. In two words, awesomely awesome!

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Last Saturday, 8/07/2010, I made a trip down to the Santa Monica Civic Center to check out the 4 Amigos Guitar Show which I had heard about from another article on SMG, and I’m glad I did. There was a reasonably sized auditorium full of headstocks; a sight that could make any fretted instrument enthusiast go wild.

Before I headed out to the show, I knew that you can buy, sell and trade equipment (aside from the oogling), so I grabbed two pedals and took them with me just in case anything sparked the “I CANNOT GO ON WITHOUT THIS!” kind of feeling, thinking that I would be able to bargain. I brought a Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler knowing that I could get about $175 in a pinch but was reluctant to release it from my arsenal. I also took my Digitech Death Metal pedal which I have not used in about 2 years, so I figured I could probably trade it for a less expensive octave pedal around $40 – $50.

I Must Be Dreaming

The first thing I noticed when I walked into that auditorium was the sheer amount of rare and vintage gear up for grabs. Then I noticed some of the pricing on said gear and I was overwhelmed. One booth easily had over $200,000 worth of guitars, with each guitar commanding about $12,000! Oh but the guitars were definitely of quality, I even managed to find numerous incarnations of my next dream guitar, a Gibson ES-175. A Florentine cutaway never looked so sexy.


I quickly realized this was as serious as a lighthearted guitar convention could get.

This place also had all sorts of parts for new or old guitars like: replacement necks, switches, pots, bodies, and pickups… anything and everything to restore or modify your guitar!

Well, I Never!

I also came across a few booths that had nice pedal collections and I saw things that I never knew existed before, like this Foxx Turtle Tone Machine.

This beast is a Volume/Fuzz/Octave/Wah all in one!

While browsing through pedals I came across something that caught my eye, a cheap octave pedal, to be more specific an old DOD Octoplus.

I tried it out on a Strat copy at the booth. I wasn’t too impressed and the man working the booth, although kind enough, really wasn’t into my trade (I don’t really blame him). But, man were there pedals….

Here are some of the other cool finds I found!

Sheet Music Guitar

Myself at the Roland station where they were promoting the MicroCube amp.

1966 Gretsch, Beautiful.

Time To Go

Although I didn’t want to leave, I felt that if I had stayed any longer, I wouldn’t be able to pay next months rent. This was time well spent, close up and personal with fine instruments from yesteryear. Not many chances come by when you can see a magnificent sight like this, as well as talk to fellow guitarists about one of their greatest loves!

If there is a guitar show like this coming to your area, I would highly recommend you report there ASAP to simply ingest the guitar knowledge floating through the air, and maybe you might just pickup something when your girlfriend turns around… just kidding.

Mike Kolbenson is a staff writer at SMG. Mike is a recent graduate from Purchase College, SUNY and absolutely in love with all things guitar. Email: mikekolbenson@sharemyguitar.com

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