6 Strange Facts about Guitarists

6 strangest facts about guitarists

Guitarists are a bit of a different breed of human being compared to others. You can freely say that there is absolutely nothing that they love more passionately than strumming the strings of their beloved instrument.

They treat their guitars like it’s the most delicate and the most valuable thing in the world. And for them it is. Guitar players represent the unique sub-culture of cool. Chances are that once they pick up a guitar for the first time, they might never put it down.

There is something captivating and extremely cool about the guitar. The guitar represents peace, freedom, rebellion, and coolness. No other instrument can compare with the guitar.

When you look at a guitar, you feel like you are looking a piece of art, and like any piece of art, there is something mystifying about it. Same goes for the person wielding it.

With all that… guitarists can sometimes be quite strange and here are some of the strangest facts about guitar players!


If you enter a guitarist’s room, you can see guitar picks scattered everywhere. You can find them on his couch, on his table, on his amp, stuck between the guitar strings… everywhere!

There are picks in every possible size, picks for acoustic guitar, maybe even bass guitar picks (even if he doesn’t own a bass guitar). Chances are, he/she has one favorite pick that he prefers to use over all the others.

Some guitar picks are kept for sentimental reasons. Maybe one of those is the pick that his favorite guitarist used, or it was a present. Those “special” picks are usually kept in a special spot, probably hidden.

Never try to take one of their picks…. they will notice if one is missing!


They will try out every guitar,  but will almost always buy from their favorite brand. Some prefer Fender; others prefer Gibson, others Ibanez, and so on…

This is something that is usually based on the genre that they play. For example, guitarists that gravitate towards the blues sounds usually prefer Fender, while the heavy metal guitarists prefer Jackson or Ibanez.

You can compare this admiration of guitar brands with the car enthusiasts’ obsession with certain car brands.


Guitarists will spend insane amounts of money on guitars and guitar related gear. It’s not possible to have enough guitars. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an expensive guitar, amp or effect… it will be mine, oh yes!

You will also find that guitar players homes are filed with guitars and other related equipment. They would rather spend money on spare strings than food. I guess that you can call it an addiction, but there is no cure for it, so don’t even try.


If a guitar player is in a band, he will consider his band mates family. They spend so much time hanging out and jamming together that they create a special kind of bond with each other.

It’s never that easy to create a close connection with people who aren’t blood related, but the trance they enter while they play together creates an unbreakable bond.


Imagine some little kid grabs your vintage 70’s Fender Stratocaster and starts strumming the strings randomly. Cute, right? Wrong!!! Guitar players don’t find that cute at all and they would probably just take the guitar away from the kid no matter how much he cries.

Guitars are not toys and they are very precious to a guitar player. If a guitar player lets you handle his guitar, please be careful. Be very careful, it’s very valuable to him or her.


Don’t get me wrong, they know how to talk about other things and they will not force you into talking about guitars if you don’t want to. But if they find themselves in a company of another guitarist, the chances are that they will isolate themselves and talk about guitars and guitarists all day and night.

They will compare brands of guitars, equipment and they will discuss who is better – Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Guest Post by Raphael Taylor of Music Skanner

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