A Closer Look at the 1967 Gibson Flying V


The 1967 Gibson Flying V

Some may not realize this, but the 1967 Flying V is actually a reissue. Gibson first released the Flying V in 1958 along with the ES-335, Explorer and Moderne. The ES-335 was an instant success, but the Flying V would receive the recognition it deserved nearly a decade later, which prompted the reissue. The 1967 was designed with a bigger pickguard and Gibson ditched the original bridge (which had the strings inserted through the back), replacing it with a stopbar tail piece. Some models were shipped with a short Vibrola Maestro Tremolo.

Later Changes & Special Editions

  • 1971 – Gibson introduced the medallion on the body, and a stop tail-piece. The fingerboard was also raised above the body by 3/8 inch.
  • 1979 Gibson V2 – This model features a heavily sculpted body which was actually laminated, and a new humbucking pickup.
  • 1981 – In 1981 Gibson introduced some models that had the switch, knob jack layout in a straight line as opposed to being grouped together in a triangle or diamond shape. This is unique to this model and the V 83.
  • Gibson has more recently issued several limited-edition “signature” versions of the Flying V, including the Jimi Hendrix model and the Lonnie Mack model (which included a Bigsby tailpiece tremolo arm identical to the unit Mack has continuously used on his own Flying V since 1958).
  • According to Wikipedia: (so you know its true) A fully functional, playable, highly enlarged replica of a Gibson Flying V, sizing over 43 feet, was built in June 2000 by Scott Rippetoe and his team from The Academy of Science and Technology (Texas). This world record is registered in Guinness World Records.

The Gibson Flying V guitar was WAY ahead of its time in style and playability. No wonder it is still beloved by so many great players, the guitar has been around for a portion of the past 7 decades!


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