How to Choose the Right Guitar for Your Child

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Finding the Right Guitar for Your Child

Music is more than just a universal language—it’s a stimulating experience for people of all ages. Teaching kids to play an instrument can boost their academic performance, improve mental and physical dexterity, and provide an outlet for them to express their emotions in a healthy and constructive way. Here are a few tips to make finding the right guitar an easy process.

Think About the Style of Music the Child Likes

There are many different guitar styles available, and most of them come in children’s sizes. If they love listening to rock music, consider buying them an electric guitar. If they prefer classical, a nylon-string classical guitar is best.

Get an Instrument That Will Grow with Their Talents

Children have a remarkable ability to learn new things very quickly, and guitar-playing is no exception. Since their skills will likely progress rapidly, get a guitar that will grow with them. This may mean spending a bit more up front, but buying a good guitar for your child that will last a year or two will reduce the need to upgrade after a few months of lessons.

Consider Playability

While it may be tempting to grab the cheapest kid’s guitar from a local shop and head straight home, it may not be the best option. Many guitars sitting on shelves are not set up to be easy to play. Before bringing the guitar home, ask the shop to make some adjustments. Explain that the guitar is for a child looking to learn to play and request that they set it up for a beginning student. If the shop is unwilling to perform those adjustments, go elsewhere. A guitar that’s not set up properly will result in hours of frustration for the new guitar player.

Encourage Their Interest

Whether it’s through guitar lessons with an experienced teacher or jam sessions at home with Dad, always encourage their interest. Guitar-playing can be a lifelong hobby and may even turn into a career for some determined students. If they want to perform in the living room, let them show off their skills. If they struggle with a new chord, be supportive. Having parents, friends, and family encouraging them through the learning process often boosts confidence and builds self-esteem.

Purchasing a new guitar for a child may seem like a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for a new instrument and the selection process will be much easier.

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